AskMyTaxManJoe is not just a clever slogan. Everyone should have someplace to go when they have questions.

If you didn’t have such a place before, you do now.

You can have your questions answered by me because I have spent the last 30 years becoming an expert in the only subject that matters to you: You.

Also, you may have more questions then you realize. Between today and October 18, 2016, I will begin to ramp up a program where the substance of every question asked of me will be answered on:

  • this website (Articles written by me in response to clients needing written opinion letters);
  • the Ask Your Tax Questions Form (direct response answers to questions submitted):
  • the AskMyTaxManJoe Facebook page (Articles written be me explaining the most pressing tax questions of that day);
  • the AskMyTaxManJoe Twitter feed (Retweeting the day’s top tweets as they apply to your specific tax questions); and
  • the Joseph M. Tames LinkedIn Network (Articles written be me explaining US Tax Policy).

What can I answer for you today?